Great and Hidden Things…Yes Please!

Thus says the Lord who made the Earth, the Lord who formed it, to establish it-The Lord is his name:  Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.  Jeremiah 33:2-3


Seems like a pretty harmless piece of paper right?  Sounds good enough to chant, I will accept your Wednesday night challenge CR!  Let me tell you about the Holy Spirit teaching me all things!

In the past, I have not really learned much “PICKING” on my guitar.  I have basically just played rhythm, mostly open chords, some 7ths, 9ths, and 2nds on occasion and that has been OK with me.  Melody lines and picking is not something that has been a very natural thing for me, I really have not even tried (partly out of fear that I could not do it…and we all know where fear and doubt come from….OL’ SLICK), but it is definitely a MAJOR thing that holds me back from playing more.  I just have not felt like my playing was good enough to actually play for other people that do not really love me (family and friends).

So Wednesday night, CR gave us this paper and said to say it out loud, believe it and read it and all that jazz, so being the Teacher Pleaser I am, I did it.  I have it, I have proclaimed this statement in EVERY aspect of my life, and I have meditated on the Power of the Holy Spirit within me to bring ALL things to fruition in my life, to manifest Gods highest and best for me and my crew!

GUESS WHAT…MONDAY night, I picked up my guitar, I was listening to a song I LOVE and the first half of the Intro fell on my fingers!   Last night, I was playing and the second half hit me.  My fingers JUST DID IT!  TRULY….I can’t make this stuff up!  God is So DANG GREAT, and AWESOME and CAN bring all things to you and about through you!

God has the highest and best for us, and we so often walk around just settling for the Okie Doke!  We are meant for great things, and if we just look around, we have been given GREAT BLESSINGS and favor!   He meets our every need and loves us unconditionally.  He offers GRACE and MERCY and a seat at HIS table.  I can do ALL things through Christ!  I will continue to use my words and my faith the manifest God’s Highest and Best for me and my family!


One thought on “Great and Hidden Things…Yes Please!

  1. Love this Erin! You have more talent than you realize! God is Great!

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