Change is Necessary

Decided to make a change on the Blog.

I spent the morning cleaning up my Google Drive!  Man things have changed, the kids have grown, people have come in and out of our lives rapidly over the past few years,  our jobs have changed, our lives changed, our marriage has changed, our focus has changed, our desires have changed and you know what…CHANGE IS SOMETIMES SCARY!  Looking back at some of the changes I get a little sad, but mostly I feel excited because even scary change is GOOD!  We should be changing every day…if not, we are staying the same and no one ever experienced the good stuff by staying in one spot!

“Turning messes into Messages, seeking GRACE in a world where EVERYONE else seems so PERFECT”  We are not perfect over in YORKTOWN, in fact we are perfectly imperfect.  We are messy sometimes, sometimes we go so hard we forget to celebrate our birthdays, we rarely celebrate our anniversary, and truthfully we both usually forget!   We do not always agree, we make each other crazy, I forget to tell Olivia to take a bath….I even forget to brush her hair half the time.  We yell (actually I am usually the yeller), we get upset with our kids, and Jason sometimes gets upset with me when I talk too long at church!

We have weathered many storms together, we blended a family, we found Jesus together, and we have deepened our love for Him far beyond my wildest imagination, and in doing so, we have found a love so deep for each other nothing short of death could separate us.  We have started jobs, quit jobs, lost jobs, worked out of town, in town and all around our town.

Yes change is necessary!  Change stretches us, it moves us, IT shakes us to our very core and requires that we be obedient, faithful, and trusting.  Sometimes it hurts to change and sometimes change feels like a breath of fresh spring air…but in the end, CHANGE is necessary and like my Pastor says….Just DTN (do the necessary)~!



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