Blogging…oh how I have MISSED you!

So with 2014 I have a NEW look on the blog…and a few new features like my Instagram and Twitter feeds, which lets face it…could be interesting!  I randomly selected to display the 5 most recent pictures I post and I think it is hilarious that one of those pics is Olivia giving Garrett a wedgie!!! MY LIFE in PICTURES…GOD IS GOOD!

Garrett is getting his drivers license people…WELL, unless old man winter shows up again before tomorrow morning!  We have rescheduled the final steps of his driving test twice due to weather (maybe a record in East Texas), although I am pretty sure that it is a divine Intervention.  See God doesn’t give us more than we can handle and let me just tell you…I can NOT handle him on the road unsupervised yet!  We have set some pretty lofty standards for him to meet in order to have driving privileges and a small part of me really hopes he never makes it!  I know he is almost 17 and it is time but I am still not ready.  I want them all to be little still and yet there is another part of me that is longing for the day they are grown and functioning independently of us…am I the only one?

Olivia turned 8 last week and it caused a little nostalgia for me.  I started looking at old pictures when all the kids were young and they never wanted to go anywhere or do anything independent from us.  Those were much simpler times in so many ways and I long for those nights when I went to sleep at at decent time because I knew that they were all in bed, safe and sound, and under our full supervision.  Teenagers are hard and they keep me awake at night.  Praise the Lord our kids are good kids and they generally just want to have all their friends over at our house.  I could not handle it if they were out of my sight to far to often.  It makes for loud evenings (boys love sound systems in their jacked up trucks) and high grocery bills but at least I can look out the back door and see them all somewhere between the shop and the fire pit!

So anyways…nothing too deep this week just a little Hey I’m back!  I hope you are looking at the ways God is blessing you right now…He is ever present in your life doing awesomeness abundantly!  God Bless you all and I will be back soon, getting a little more Jesus focused in my writing as I start to  study the awesomeness that is David and uncover the importance of having a Heart Like His! Little Beth Moore for you guys!

Be Blessed y’all!


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