How Do You Find God’s Will for Your Life

I believe it is by saying YES to the opportunities that he gives you.  When you are in a close relationship with the Father, he will present you with choices to make about whether or not to participate in activities, take jobs, build friendships, even about when and how to witness to others. These choices are about things that he desires for our life.   It is your responsibility to take him up on his offers, even when they are out of your comfort zone or outside of what you know to be a talent you currently posses.  EXAMPLE:  Back in November 2011, Dana Ammons put the word out at church that he would be giving free guitar lessons to people who were interested in learning.  Originally they wanted the class to be for kids, but given the interest of several adults, they decided to open the class to anyone interested.  I was not all that interested in learning.  I had never played a musical instrument and my husband had informed me numerous times that I could not sing.  So why would I say yes, or even dream that this could be something that God had for me as a ministry you ask?  Well my DADDY of course!  My dad had always wanted to learn to play the guitar and since it was the first thing he had wanted to do since his extensive hospital stay the previous year, I thought it would be a great opportunity to do something with him.  Two years later, I am on the stage singing and playing guitar!  I am so honored to sing praises to God and I pray that others are blessed and see the love I have for him in my heart.  You see, I am a walking example of the power and glory of God, and that he truly can and will turn you into anything that he desires for you to be.  Even if it is something that you and no idea you would be good at or enjoy!  I am so thankful that I said yes when the spirit moved me to do something with my dad.  Was I busy?  Yes, I had a school full of fifth graders depending on me for academic success, I was working 50 miles away from home and driving 2 hours a day, and I had a 4 year old little girl and a husband.  Did I have  the free time to spare, NO but God made a way for me to practice, to go to church one night a week and learn and I promise you the blessings I have received because I said yes are to many to count.
Jason has started a new job his week with a man who has been welding for 40 years.  The job is working nights.  Is this ideal…NO, but God has put this opportunity in their path and he is expecting them to take it.  I know that God has a big plan for the sacrifice that they are making.  He is working from 3 pm until 11 pm 5 nights a week and we are not seeing a lot of him, but he will be home on the weekends and the next job may be working days.  It could be out of town, out of state, or it could be right down the road, we have no way of knowing.   This could be the one and only job they get, or it could lead to a steady line of jobs in the future.  There is no way of knowing what God has next for them, but I know it will be a positive thing for us in the end.  God’s path for our lives is often unknown but the risk of the unknown is were faith and trust in him are grown.  Given the fact that both Jason and Glen are in a close relationship with the Father,  I am able to trust that this is what God has for them right now, even if it is difficult.  I know without a doubt that it is going to be a blessing to our family and to their business.  Casey sent me this quote and it really summed up what I believe about how God grows us and teaches us when we are in close fellowship with him.   The Lord expects us to rely on him and to trust him to make ALL things work together for our GOOD…even the hard stuff!
“When God is teaching us trust, He’s actually teaching us how to kill off anxiety, fear, panic and worry.  You can’t trust the Lord and be anxious.  They can’t exist in the same space at the same time.  One of them has to go and you get to choose.” –Graham Cooke.

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