Hello world!

Hello everyone!  Here I am starting a new blog…yes my old one is still there, but much has changed in my life and I guess I am not a “crazybusyteacherlady” anymore so the title just did not seem fitting.  Plus, lets face it…this one is so much cuter!  Man oh MAN….God has been POURING OUT HIS BLESSINGS in the last 6 months and I am AMPED UP  about it!!!!! So let’s talk HIGHLIGHTS since the demise of my previous identity (I am no longer teaching in a 5th grade classroom….but I still feel like a teacher….just a new kind of teacher)!  1)  God has given me an amazing job.  I mean it is truly amazing in every sense of the word!  I work within a community of believers that are inspiring and uplifting to me every single day!  These people are so wonderful and so very aware of God’s pressence in their lives.  They encourage me everyday to truly count it all JOY for the Lord has us all in his hands and he will work ALL things together (even the hard stuff) for the good of those of us who love and believe and him and lean on him for understanding rather than look to the world for answers and solutions ( hard stuff right there).  2)  Jason and 2 of our 4 boys have been baptized and given their lives to God!  Jason is growing every single day in his faith and I am so proud of his commitment to his prayer life and his devotion to reading God’s word.  He left the house yesterday and told me (full of smiles and faith) he had a big old bucket of joy and nobody was going to poke a hole in his bucket….he was right!  He has such a lighter spirit because he has laid the burdens of this world down and he knows that he is not fighting a worldly battle on his own!  SO VERY EXCITED ABOUT HIM!!!!! 3)  I am getting to sing praises to the Lord every Sunday and God is so faithful in relieving my fears and anxiety about it!  In the beginning I would be so petrified that I could barley sit on the stool and not pass out!  I would come down from the stage and literally feel as if I had blacked out!  I was not even sure if I had played my guitar I was so terrified of everyone hearing me and looking at me and…I am breaking out in hives just describing it!  But over time I have improved so much and I am so proud to stand before my brothers and sisters in Christ and sing about his glory and the grace which he so gladly pours out on us all~!  4)BIBLE  STUDY!!!!!  So….a NEW “Young Mothers and Wives” small group has been established in our church and I have the privelege of being involved with this very special group of ladies!  I am totally in love with these special and completely adorable women.  We are learning so much about marriage and motherhood.  Being able to share feelings, stories, and emotions with them has moved me so much closer to God than I ever dreamed possible in such a short period of time.  We pray for each other, we lift up our church family, and most of all we encourage each other to seek God and his will in our marriages.  I am in awe of the powerful the effect this group has had on my “inner life!”  If you are not currently involved in a small group bible study of some sort let me take this time to encourage you to seek out people to study with…it will change and stretch you in ways you never thought possible!  (Plus we all bring snacks and it is super fun to just hang out and talk about how awesome God is when we let him do his thing)  We all have little girls and they all come and play while we talk and study.  We are focused on becoming the Godly mothers and wives that we are meant to be and having them in this group with me has not only provided sound council from women of like minds, but also provided a sisterhood that will not be broken!  I love these girls and they are such a great asset to my growth as a Christian.  I can see the Lord moving in each of them in such profound ways and I am really excited about what he has for us in our group.  I know it will be big. So those are the highlights.  I will update again with other things, but for now I just wanted to start by saying hello and welcome and I can not wait to record all my thoughts about the Journey I am on in this blog!  God has been speaking to me so much here lately and I can not even put into words what he is doing in my heart right now!  BUT…more to come…..for sure…..more to come~! Loves to You all! ey

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